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Photo's Of Brother Mendoza's Work

Baguio City Mission

"Thine, 0 LORD, is the greatness, and the power and the glory, and the Victory, and the majesty: for all that is in the heaven and in the earth is thine;Thine is the kingdom, O LORD, and thou art exalted as head above all. Both riches and honour come of thee, and thou reignest over all; and in thine hand is power and might; and in thine hand it is to make great, and to give strength unto all. Now therefore, our God, we thank thee and praise thy glorious name.
1 Chro. 29: 11-13

July To September

A new mission work has been officially started in Tipo, Bataan under the authority of Park Baptist Church & Missions. Through the effort of missionary Edgar Mohreros. a number of willing members from San Felipe. Zambales and with the Lord's grace, the work was started with a few regular attendees.
The mission is now housed at the one of the couple's residence who are long distance members at PBCM, Batasan, Q.C. A handful of regular visitors are enjoying the services too Please pray for the growth and steadfastness of this work. Bro. Chito Mendoza recently visited with them and led a Question and Answer Forum for the members, They all enjoyed the meeting and were blessed with the discussion.


Bro. Nilo Del Mundo, a friend of Bro. Chito Mendoza from way back his BBF days, was rebaptized at Park Baptist Church & Missions sometime in August, 2003. He has been communicating with Baptist preachers at the Landmark Baptist Forum (internet) for quite a time prior to his membership with PBCM. He returned immediately to Saudi Arabia after his baptism. On his next trip to the Philippines, he intends to be a PBCM missionary to the KSA. He has a burden for the Filipinos within his reach in Saudi Arabia.

Bro. Chito Mendoza, after much consideration and prayers, is accepting an invitation from a church in Western Australia as pulpit supply for 11 months. He is taking the offer so he may accomplish three things at a time.

1. To help the church in matters of truth. This church is catering to some Filipino families within its community. The congregation stands for the local church authority; the A'./l' 1611: the closed communion and Baptist baptism: and is pre-mellinial in itís escathology. Though w e agree in many ways, the church is not strong with the doctrines of grace, however, the members know where I stand. The pastor and! had an agreement before that I am at liberty to preach whatever I can prove from the scriptures.
2. To scout for a possible mission in Perth. The pastor of this church has encouraged Bro. Chito Mendoza to survey Perth white preaching for his church where, says he. 8.000 Filipinos reside.
3. To write a book about the doctrines believed and upheld by PBCM. This book is PBCM's request from Bro. Mendoza before he finally resigns as pastor to he a full-time missionary.

Bro. Edgar Mobreros, PBCM missionary to San Felipe, Zambales, is doing very well with his leadership in the mission. He was instrumental in pioneering the new work in Tipo, Bataan. The Lord is very gracious to him and his family. His first year as missionary to San Felipe was not without trials and heart breaks however, our sovereign Lord has established him in the way that he should go.

Bro. Melchor Ananayo, a PBCM volunteer worker at the mission in Baguio City, is blessed by our Lord after a considerable period of ministerial drought. The newly pioneered mission then was affected by the church split last year Bro. Chito Mendoza had to concentrate on the church while entrusting the mission to the young volunteer worker. The disciplined members went up and confused the new members with their issues and criticisms- Bro. Melchor stood his ground and labored for the Lord until the mission members were settled Today, more members and workers were added to the mission work.

Guilty of Protestantism?

by Chito S. Mendoza

Many Baptist preachers of our conviction would readily wrangle anyone who claims that Baptists are Protestants. We are not PROTESTANTS by any stretch of imagination. This is evidenced by tracing our historic origins long before PROTESTANTISM was bom. Though church history is an interesting subject proving that Baptists have existed back to Christ their founder is not my purpose in this deliberation.

It is regretful that these PROTESTANTS who once consented to the death of Baptists arc the same sources of godly knowledge for some of our brethren today. 1 believe that Baptists night not to be branded as Calvinists or Armininans for they are neither one or the other Our heritage as Baptists is too precious to be confused with names fit to represent infant baptism and Baptismal regeneration.

History tells us that John Calvin was dead when the five points of Calvinism was composed in reply to the five points of Arminianism. This, along with other issues such as fundamentalism vs liberalism, is purely a Protestant squabble in origin. The Baptists arc the "Johnny come-lately" group in this protestant controversy.

It gets worse. This Protestant controversy of Calvinism vs Arminianism stirred the hearts of man) Baptist preachers that they are ready to unchurch any duly authorized congregation on his issue alone. Both Baptist camps are just too quick to jump heir guns at each other declaring one as Arminian and the other as Hyper-Calvinist. I am neither an Arminian nor a Calvinist. I am a Baptist and as an independent preacher. I have utmost lib-liberty to preach whatever scriptural truth I believe in. I believe in the Sovereignty of God. In His electing grace and in the total depravity of man. however. 1 do not represent John Calvin in what believe and preach.

Though I myself is guilty of falsely identifying some Baptists as Arminians. I must admit that I have yet to meet a "true blue" Arminian Baptist who would agree to the five points of Arminianism in the same way that most of us agree on the five points of Calvinism, I have yet to meet an Arminian Baptist who at the least, docs not believe in the Eternal Security of the believer.

Our issue, as Baptists, concerns the proper authority for New Testament churches. We do not "unchurch' churches on the same ground that divides the PROTESTANTS from among themselves. It is not "Calvinism vs Arminianism" that makes a church Baptist and it is not what will "unchurch" a church from being one. It is but the prerogative of each independent church, being autonomous, to determine the kind of Baptist churches that that they ought to maintain fellowship with without necessarily unchurching the ones they refuse.

Some violation of truth such as the belief in the Universal Invisible Church, acceptance of alien immersion into the membership and the practice of open communion may affect church authority. Churches that are guilty of these ought not to be considered as true and their worship ought not to be considered as valid. Churches that stand strongly on these truths however, shall stand before the Lord Jesus Christ alone to be judged with regards To the other doctrines and practices which they have adapted.

It is our concern to keep our churches as chaste virgins, however, it is not for us to measure and judge others. No not with a Protestant yardstick in our hand particularly We do not wish to whip our brethren over some "protestantish" sentiments we gobbled up from John Calvin's or James Amiinius' writings.

We exercise our prerogative in choosing churches we may fellowship with, on the other hand, we must be cautious not to label churches according to what they are not actually. Baptist churches need not be identified with PROTESTANTS like John Calvin since Baptists have stood for the doctrines of grace long before Calvin's time. No scripturally organized Baptist church ought to be unchurched due to disagreement over some points of Calvinism. We are neither Calvinists nor Arminians! We are independent Baptists and we. in the spirit of independence, believe and practice the Scriptures as we understand it.

By the way. would it be appropriate to call the apostle Paul a Calvinist?


The Park Baptist Church of Rome Italy sent letters to the churches in the Philippines announcing the discipline of their pastor Bro. Carlito Barrameda. The letter contains financial issues and dishonesty in some areas related to his office.

The church has been experiencing a fall out in membership months before the disciplinary measure was executed. Most of those who had first hand information about the issues were not treated right to the point of moving their membership to a nearby Southern Baptist Church.

Out of the 20 regular members, only 9 were left standing in the congregation but not without complaints. Worried with a possible shipwreck, the more matured members of the church communicated the problem to Bro Chito Mendoza.

The situation they were in was somehow frustrating, They could not raise their issues with the pastor since their business meetings are mere announcement of either what the pastor will do or what he is planning to do. There are no deliberations whatsoever in the process.

Bro. Mendoza advised that the 9 members may gather for an informal and unofficial discussion of what should be taken up with the pastor in the next business meeting. This they did and later confronted their pastor with the problems deemed necessary for him to explain.

The pastor's response only confirmed the members doubts and fears. The church voted for his discipline, however the pastor did not take ii well He went to the mission in Bologna immediately after his discipline to seek for the members" sympathy He was able to win the hearts of the majority. He then flew to the Philippines to acquire a new authority from another church.

The church in Rome tried to reach out to their mission with the true account but it looks like their effort was a bit too late. On the other hand, the ones who previously left the church have come back for reinstatement as soon as the pastor was dropped from the roll. The church is officially requesting Bro. Mendoza to help them with further doctrinal and ministerial training.

God willing, Bro. Mendoza may be with them this next year before he goes to Australia next year. He covets the prayers of his supporting churches.

The Park Baptist Mission in Paranaque is doing well. New members are being added from time to time. The most recent addition are the wife and youngest son of Bro. Nilo Del Mundo who is in Saudi Arabia at the moment. Along with the Del Mundos are Narsing and Inday who were all baptized last September 17, 2003.

This young mission is planning to host a conference on Baptist Distinctives on October 11, 2003. Bro. Chito Mendoza will be the lone speaker for the occasion. His presentation on the N.T. Church covers a wide spectrum truths from is at the founding of the church to its final state in the perfect age.

The venue is at the function room of Robinson's Apartelle, Edsa Ave., Mand City. The mission shall shoulder the rent and snacks.

This is a remarkable step for a newly started mission with but a handful of members. Bro. Chito Mendoza, being their missionary, is training them to always offer their best unto the Lord who deserves such service.

The mission has recently moved from this place as seen in the picture to the house of Bro. Dave Llorente, a member of the Missionary Baptist Church of Oakland, CA. The members are happy to have such place for worship, however, they are praying for a place of their own.